The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ by H. Lynn Gardner has been translated  into Russian and is being printed this month (January, 2018). It is not available in English.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ stands at the center of the Christian faith. My purpose in preparing this book is to provide basic biblical teaching on these two topics for Russian speaking Christian believers. Sergei Golovin and his team have translated several of my books into the Russian language. My desire is that this basic teaching will strengthen the faith in these Christians who face incredible challenges.

Some of the chapters have been published elsewhere in a different form. The published sources include Christian Standard, The Lookout, and Where Is God When We Suffer?

Each of the two parts of the book begins with a commentary on a chapter of Luke’s Gospel: Luke 23 on the death of Christ and Luke 24 on the resurrection of Christ. Chapters two through four summarize the sufferings of Christ, what his sufferings teach about God, and a study on the meaning of Christ’s death for the believer.

Chapter 6 explains the practical relevance of our Lord’s resurrection. Chapters seven and eight present a case that the resurrection is an established fact of history: chapter seven answers objections by unbelievers and chapter eight states positive historical evidence for Christ’s resurrection. Chapter nine shows the power available to the believer because of the resurrection. In chapter ten, apostle and eyewitness Peter states what the resurrection means for our faith and hope. The last chapter is the author’s personal testimony on how faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ has enabled him and his family to face some of life’s serious challenges.

Christ’s death gives believers forgiveness for their sins and new life in Christ. Our Lord’s resurrection gives us daily assurance and power as we live the new life.

Two reviews of the book follow.

“The cross and the resurrection of Jesus are not only the heart and foundation for Christian belief; these two events are the basis for our future hope. Dr. Gardner examines both of these foundational subjects in very detailed, yet, clear language. This book will provide the reader with an excellent understanding of these two key pillars of our faith. “

  Dr. Brian Brubaker, Bible college professor and preaching minister

“Brother Lynn Gardner focuses our attention on the heart of the gospel. Understanding Jesus’ death and resurrection from Luke’s perspective builds our faith and provides clear biblical truth to share with others. I appreciate this work not only for its compilation of his previously published essays but also for how the author has improved their wording and added new material, including updated documentation. Brother Gardner has taken complex themes and translated them for every Christian. It should be required study in Bible classes, small groups, and apologetics courses. Every honest seeker of truth has the duty to come and see the evidence, then to go and tell to as many as possible.”

John Hunter, Library Director

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