God’s Word of Truth: Believing, Understanding, and Responding to the Biible

God’s Word of Truth is available in the Russian language. It has not been published in English. Below is a comment about the book by Sergei Golovin who encouraged me to finish the work and was in charge of getting it published in Russian..

“Being deeply rooted in the God’s word, books by Dr. Lynn Gardner in Russian translation became very effective instruments for spreading the teaching of Christ in post-communist context of former Soviet Union countries. Those nations were deprived of the biblical truth for several generations and comprehension of it is pretty fragmented and incomplete there quite often. Shortage of proper Apologetics often results superficial and easy shakable beliefs, shortage of Exegetics produces unclear understanding of the Scripture, shortage of guidance in its application to one’s life restrains growth in Christ. That is why I was very glad to find out several years ago about the book God’s Word of Truth Dr. Gardner plan to write with an integral approach to all three aspects of learning the Bible: why, how and what for.”

The Gardners Accept Invitation to Serve in Jordan

Barbara and I have accepted an invitation from the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) in Amman, Jordan, to teach for two weeks in August, 2010. I will teach a course entitled, “Worldviews,” which will focus on defending the Christian faith and worldview in response to other systems of thought. Barbara was asked to assist the seminary librarian.

Several years ago it was our goal for retirement to assist Bible colleges and seminaries in this way. But my pulmonary fibrosis and subsequent double lung transplant canceled those plans. I checked with my doctor at Barnes Hospital about this invitation. He asked, “Do you want to go?” I answered that I would like to. He said, “That’s why we do transplants.” They gave some safety tips for the plane trip, since I am immunosuppressed.

This evangelical seminary provides Bible-believing theological education for Arab Christians in the Middle East. I see this as an opportunity to give a strong background in apologetics to these students who will go back as leaders in their respective countries. Barbara will work with the librarian on principles of librarianship.

Jordan is a modern country, progressive in many ways and friendly with the United States. The country has freedom of religion with Christianity being a minority religion.

The seminary has weathered several financial crises but has been able to provide this valuable teaching program. They will take care of us after we get into the country, but we will need to pay for our plane tickets over and back. The Christian Church of Carl Junction has established a fund, Gardner Jordan Fund, for those who would like to make a tax-deductible gift to assist in the plane expense. Checks should be written out to Carl Junction Christian Church. The address is 103 Hodges St., Carl Junction, MO 64834.