Stainless Steal Hearts


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Stainless Steal Hearts by Harry Kraus (Crossway Books, 1994) 430 pages.

Dr. Kraus is a missionary surgeon serving with Africa Inland Mission in Kenya. He writes novels usually dealing with medical themes.

Harry Kraus weaves the stories of several individuals in this novel. A couple unsuccessful in attempts to deal with infertility, an abortionist and a leading surgeon team together for illegal research on live aborted fetuses, a college girl pregnant by a man running for governor who presses her to get an abortions, and a surgical resident and his girlfriend who learn of the doctors’ illegal research and of the governor candidate’s infidelity. This fiction book illustrates how sin results in a “tangled web.”

I do not often read fiction. I have read three or four of Kraus’ novels and find them informative on medical issues.