Good News from Louisiana

A Federal Judge Upholds Traditional Marriage

District Judge Martin Feldman in Louisiana upheld the state’s traditional marriage law. More than twenty federal judges had previously ruled against the traditional definition of marriage.

He said the states have the right to regulate marriage. The traditional law and the Constitution “are directly related to achieving marriage’s historically preeminent purpose of linking children to their biological parents.”

World Magazine, October 4, 2014, p. 8.


A State Prison Warden Known for Respecting the Prisoner’s Dignity

Warden Burl Cain manifests Christian values and leadership in Louisiana’s Angola Prison. Eric Metaxas states, “Actually, to call Angola a ‘prison’ and Cain its ‘warden’ is a bit off the mark. With 6,300 inmates and 1,800 employees and covering 18,000 acres, The Louisiana State Penitentiary, as it is officially known, is more like a small city with Cain as it mayor.”

A guard, who has worked at the prison for 37 years, said that “prisoners are offered incentives to better themselves, and when they prove trustworthy, they take positions of responsibility within the prison.”

Cain’s leadership expresses his Christian values. In the group, Malachi Dads, prisoners “pledge to provide spiritual leadership for their kids.” New Orleans Baptist Seminary offers a four-year degree the inmates can earn while in prison. Some become prisoner-pastors ministering to other prisoners. In their hospice program prisoners care for dying prisoners.

Cain and his employees respect the prisoner’s humanity. They seek their moral transformation and restoration to society.

Breakpoint, Eric Metaxas, September 19, 2014