Touchdown Alexander, by Shaun Alexander–A Review

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Touchdown Alexander:

My Story of Faith, Football, and Pursuing the Dream,

by Shaun Alexander

Faith, obedience, ability, persistence enable Shawn Alexander to follow and attain his dream on the playing field and in life. Alexander with Cecil Murphey (Heritage House, 2006). 224 pages

 The story of a Christian young man who came from a small town in Kentucky, raised by a single mom, excelled in football at the University of Alabama, pro football MVP in 2005 as a running back with the Seattle Seahawks, speaker for Christ throughout the world, having led thousands to accept Christ, family man, and generous supporter and trainer of young men helping them on their way to maturity.

This delightful book brings inspiration, encouragement, and hope. Shaun Alexander followed this rule in his life “no alcohol, no drugs, and no sex before marriage.” quoted this wise saying “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

After losing a Super Bowl game, he wrote, “Circumstances don’t change a person’s joy. . We can’t let happiness or sadness control us. There are bad things that happen throughout the world. But I can keep the joy inside because joy is a gift from God. If I’m determined to be joyful, nothing will take that away.”