Getting Acquainted with Christopher J. H. Wright

Picture 9When I taught in the classroom I liked to introduce students to good authors and good books. Periodically in this blog I plan to identify books and resources on various topics.

In the fall of 2007 Barbara and I heard Christopher Wright teach at the Evangelical Theological Society in San Diego. We found his teaching from the Old Testament refreshing and inspiring.

Presently he is the director of the international ministries of the John Stott Ministries based in England ( He is an Irishman living in London. Being born to missionary parents he served in India teaching in a seminary. He returned to England and taught Old Testament and served as principal of All Nations College.

Some of his books will be briefly described. The first two are comprehensive works (500-600 pages) and the last four are around 200-250 pages each.

The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative (InterVarsity, 2006) Wright sees God’s mission as the framework for understanding the whole Bible. The big picture of Bible history shows God’s intention to reclaim the world and bless the nations through his people. Wright shows who God is, his mission to be carried out by his people, and how the nations of the world fit into God’s mission. His writing reveals his missionary heart. Continue reading