Where Is God When We Suffer? Now Available in Russian

Last year Sergei Golovin, president of the Christian Center for Science and Apologetics (http://www.scienceandapologetics.org/engin.html) requested permission to translate and publish Where Is God When We Suffer? What the Bible Says About Suffering. The book has been translated and is now available in the Russian language. My Christianity Stands True has been in Russian for several years. Dr. Golovin, a scientist, was converted to Christ and has devoted the last several years to a ministry of building faith in God, Christ, and the Bible among his people. He wrote the following comment about Where Is God When We Suffer?

The Good News of Suffering—Lynn Gardner’s Book in Russian

by Sergei Golovin

The people of The Soviet Union have experienced a great exodus from the Egypt of communism and atheism into the desert of democracy. Now, twenty years later, flourishing enthusiasm is replaced with general apathy and disappointment with religion. Wrong expectations were never met, right expectations were not developed. There is an issue however nobody is indifferent to—the issue of pain and suffering. That makes Dr. Gardner’s book, Where Is God When We Suffer? an extremely effective tool for proclaiming Good News of Jesus in the postcommunist part of the world.

Some books on the issue of suffering comfort a reader. Some explain suffering. Some explore the biblical view of it. Some tell how to cope with suffering and help others. The book by Dr. Gardner shows the issue from all these viewpoints. The book is not just  theoretical reasoning, but is written out of the personal experience of the author who has suffered a lot. Instead of aborting the human race because of sin God’s plan allowed suffering in the world with the goal of redeeming the fallen world through his sharing suffering at the Cross. The Cross of Christ is the only way to overcome suffering. Clear focus on Christ makes this book on suffering a vehicle for the Good News.