America the Beautiful by Ben and Candy Carson–A Review

America the Beautiful: Recovering What Made This Nation Great, Ben and Candy Carson (Zondervan, 2012), 195 pages.

What is America becoming and how can we regain what made America great in the first place? Dr. Carson reviews the past gleaning insights to help us chart a better course for the future.

Here the reader will find the Carsons’ basic values and beliefs that they believe the founders put in place. They state where we have gone astray and what we can do about it. The book states what is good about America.

America the Beautiful would be a good resource to find out what Dr. Carson believes about our nation’s origin, capitalism, socialism, war, health care, liberty and justice, trust in God, and many other topics.

Dr. Ben Carson is an independent and courageous thinker who knows our history, approaches problems in a deliberate common sense way, and is strongly committed to the Constitution and the way the founders set up our country to operate.