Where Are the Miracles by Dr. Garland Bare


Where Are the Miracles: Experiences and Testimony of a Doctor on the Mission Field (LifeChange Media,. 2015).

Dr. Bare details experiences in his life and the lives of others that he cannot explain by natural processes. At one time he believed miracles were limited to Bible times, but undeniable experiences changed his mind. He tells of experiences in his life and in his missionary and medical work beginning in Thailand which convinced him that God intervenes in today’s world. Readers who question miracles occurring today are asked to consider his eye-witness report. All are encouraged to stand in awe at our powerful God.

Where Are the Miracles gives eye-witness testimony to experiences which he believes demonstrate the supernatural hand of God. He does not try to force the reader to agree with him but asks the readers to consider the evidence and make up their minds.

Reader’s Comments:

“It is a wonderful book. It brought back many memories as well as teaching me many things beyond my child’s awareness at the time. I am so glad Dad has written it!”

Corinne Wilson, daughter of Garland and Dorothy Bare

“Along with the medical evidence for miracles presented in the book, the conversion of people like Saeng Pua provides more evidence of a different kind.”

Al Juve, Missionary in Japan

“Dr. Bare has done a great job of recounting his experiences in a way that glorifies God.”

Rhonda Juve, Missionary in Japan

“The story of what God has done through Dr. Garland Bare is filled with excitement and adventure. You will be inspired to believe with Dr. Bare that God doesn’t just open doors, He also knocks down walls. This book by Dr. Bare has inspired me to be a better follower of Christ. I believe it will also do the same for you.”

Boyce Mouton, Minister

The book can be ordered from Dr. Garland Bare, Friendship Circle, Joplin, MO 64801. The cost of the book is $10.00, postpaid.