Remembering John Ransom (1939-2006)

Two weeks ago, John and Lorelei’s granddaughter, Kaylee, was brushing her teeth, when out of the blue she turned and said to her grandmother, “Mommy was telling me how when Grandpa was very sick and he was just skin and bone, he talked to a group at church (Thanksgiving Service). He told them, ‘My body is very sick, but I am fine,'” Then, Kaylee added, “Know why he said that–because he is in Heaven.”

Lorelei emailed, “I fought back the tears.  As we approach yet another anniversary of God calling John home, it was such a blessing to know that his legacy of faith was being shared!!!”

John Ransom was a close friend of mine. He died of pancreatic cancer six years ago, February 25, 2006. The other day I was thinking I wish I could visit with him about something. In remembrance of John and his life, I shared the following comments at John’s memorial service.

I first met John at the bus station in Joplin, Missouri, August, 1957. I had ridden a bus from Indiana to Joplin to come to Ozark Bible College. John came with someone else to pick me up and take me to the college. We were both beginning our freshman year.

In some ways we were quite different. He was from the city; I was from rural Indiana. We had to learn each other language.  He said, “Soda.” And I said, “Pop.” He found it hilarious that I called a pot-luck dinner, a “pitch-in.” But we managed to communicate. He helped me learn some of the finer points of etiquette. John was an excellent musician with a broad appreciation of all kinds of music. My expertise in music is limited to playing classical music on the radio and CD player.


We had a lot in common too. We both were serious students. We were interested in learning the Bible and serving the Lord by preaching and teaching His Word. Continue reading