Gray Matter–A Review


Gray Matter: A neurosurgeon discovers the power of prayer . . . one patient at a time (Tyndale House Publishers, 2011) by David I. Levy and Joel Kilpatrick.

A neurosurgeon tells the story of the responses he received as he began praying with patients before surgery. This practice resulted in many spiritual benefits for his patients and the doctor.  It helped him relate to his patients on a personal level. Believing that bitterness can be a roadblock to healing, he helps many of his patients overcome bitterness through forgiveness.

Readers of the book will gain a greater insight and appreciation into the mind, heart, and skill of this neurosurgeon. Much can be learned about the delicate and exacting work of neurosurgery.

Dr. Levy reveals his overwhelming grief and sadness when his surgery did not go as planned. He concludes his book with these words:

“Neurosurgery, like life itself, is full of surprises. No surgeon, not even the most highly trained, can save a life alone. During this dramatic procedure I am reminded that the outcomes of procedures, and of our very lives, are ultimately in God’s hands. He wants to be involved in the details of everything we do, no matter our position or profession. My practice ad my life have been transformed because I have learned to pray with my patients. In the beginning the risk seemed high, but it was meager compared to the gain. I have learned firsthand that, as radiant sunlight melts away fog. God infuses life-giving hope into the darkest circumstances. If we look for him, we will find him, and the journey will be amazing.”