Twentieth Anniversary Edition of Christianity Stands True Forthcoming

College Press will release a second edition of the basic primer on evidences, Christianity Stands True, in January. This updated edition will include three new chapters in addition to the former ten, questions on each chapter, and an updated list of resources. The first edition has had five printings in English and is available in six foreign languages.

Jeff Robertson, professor of apologetics and Distance Learning Consortium Coordinator, introduces and summarizes the new edition.

“It is a pleasure to see this new addition to what has already been a very useful book in the field of Christian evidences for 20 years. H. Lynn Gardner’s Christianity Stands True provides a concise, readable overview of basic evidences for the reliability of the Bible, the deity of Jesus, and the inspiration and authority of the Bible.

Now he has added chapters on the nature of Christianity, the reasonableness of Christian faith, and the defense of Christian truth.  This provides the added benefit of placing the evidences for the Christian faith within a broader context. The three new chapters help us: 1) evaluate Christianity in relation to other major worldviews; 2) understand what is meant by the foundational concepts of reason, truth, and faith; and 3) see why and how we can defend Christian truth.

In rounding out the work by addressing these overarching concerns that are always present when we study Christian evidences, Dr. Gardner has made a strong work even stronger.  I highly commend it to the use of both individual Christians and churches, for the building up of Christian faith.”