“Brother Boatman” A Man of Conviction Who Led by Serving Is Now Available

Books may be ordered from:

Ozark Christian College Bookstore, 1111 N. Main St., Joplin, MO 64801.

The price of the book is $15.00. Shipping would be an additional charge.

What readers are saying:

Roger Boatman, son of Don Earl and Gail Boatman:

“I read it from cover to cover with deep appreciation for your format and wonderful stories it contains capturing his values and spirit.”

Dr. Garland Bare,:

“What an interesting book about a fascinating life!”

Bob Stacy:

“What a beautiful book of memories! It means so much to me. I’ll never forget the influence that man had on my life. his spirit was certainly the Spirit of Christ. Nell was a freshman at OBC the year he came, so we’ve known him for a long, long time.”

“Brother Boatman” A Man of Conviction Who Led by Serving

I have written a book which will be published in the near future on the life and ministry of Don Earl Boatman, long-time president of Ozark Bible College (now Ozark Christian College) in Joplin, Missouri.

Strong convictions and servant leadership guided Don Earl Boatman as he led Ozark Bible College (now Ozark Christian College) in Joplin, Missouri, from 86 students to a peak enrollment of 803 in his twenty-seven-year presidency. The college emphasized biblical studies, preaching, evangelism, missions, and Christian service.

Learn of Don Earl and Gail Boatman’s early lives, his ministries and education, his career as a Bible college professor and president, and his priorities and principles for a Bible college. Why did he step aside from the presidency? Learn about the transition to Ken Idleman, his successor. What role did Mrs. Boatman take in his ministry and the life of the college? You will be inspired and challenged to live by your convictions and to serve others.


 “After reading this book, people should be able to say, ‘Now I feel like I know Brother Boatman.’” Sam E. Stone, former editor of Christian Standard, Ozark alumnus

“What an enjoyable, nostalgic read! Having known the Boatmans since 1952, we are thrilled to see them honored in this way.” James and Marje Taylor, minister and counselor, Ozark alumni

“Dr. Lynn Gardner has done us a great service by documenting and articulating the convictions and servant leadership of Brother Boatman—the essence of his legacy.” Ken Idleman, Ozark Christian College President, 1979-2006

“Theology is at its best as biography, when we see God’s truth lived. Dr. Gardner has shown us in the life of Brother Boatman what Christlike service looks like.” Matt Proctor, Ozark Christian College President, 2006 to present