One Nation by Ben Carson and Candy Carson

One Nation, Ben Carson and Candy Carson (Sentinel, 2014) 211 pages.

Before Dr. Carson announced his candidacy for the presidency, he wrote One Nation. It functions as a platform for his presidential bid.

The subtitle is What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future. He gives his analysis of the economic, social, moral, and political decline of America. He states how he believes the American people can save our country. He presents his common sense approach to problem solving.

He deals with political correctness, elitism, ignorance, bigotry, bullying, dependence, disrespect, compromise, wisdom, vision, morality, courage, and other topics.

For those evaluating Ben Carson as a potential president, this book is a good source to learn his basic values and beliefs. For those who think his knowledge is limited to medicine, this book shows the breadth of his knowledge.

Dr. Carson appeals for Americans to courageously defend their rights guaranteed by the Constitution.