The Values of Jesus and the World Contrasted

The World’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the rich and powerful, for they can do whatever they want.

Blessed are carefree and happy-go-lucky, for nothing bothers them.

Blessed are self-assertive, for they get anything they want.

Blessed are those have everything they want, because they lack for nothing.

Blessed are those who don’t let other people’s problems bother them, for they will not get hurt.

Blessed are those who fight to win for themselves, they will never have to say “I’m sorry.”

Blessed are those who can use deceit and lying to get ahead because that is the way to get what you want.

Blessed are those who are popular and please the crowd, for they will not suffer persecution.

Jesus’ Beatitudes Paraphrased

 Blessed are those who acknowledge their need of God because they will submit to the rule of God in their lives.

Blessed are those who are sorry for their sins against God and repent of their sins, for they will find the ultimate comfort of forgiveness from God.

Blessed are those choose not to live by their selfish will but submit to the will of God, for they will find what really matters in life in this world.

Blessed are those who desire with all their heart to please God, for their deepest desires and longings will be fulfilled.

Blessed are those who love, care for, and serve the needs of hurting people, for they will be shown mercy when they are in need.

Blessed are those who are whole heartedly and sincerely focused on doing God’s will, for they come to a close and deep knowledge and fellowship with God.

Blessed are persons who seek to bring peace and reconciliation between conflicting parties, for they exhibit the reconciling love of God.

Blessed are those who are willing to stand for truth, righteousness, and God in the face of opposition and persecution, they will have an eternal reward.