Seventh Anniversary of My Double Lung Transplant

June 15, 2011 was my seventh year anniversary of my double lung transplant received at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. I credit my generally good health to the following:


  1. My relationship with God and his healing and sustaining hand.
  2. My wife, family, and friends for their prayers and support.
  3. Excellent medical care from those at Barnes Jewish and in Joplin.
  4. Faithfulness in taking my prescribed medications and in regular exercise in pulmonary rehab.
  5. Keeping active in writing and teaching opportunities and in family and church activities.


For those considering having a transplant I can testify my transplant has been a great blessing to me. It is a very serious and important decision. I resisted the idea at first but I am glad I decided to receive a transplant. I am grateful for these extra seven years especially with my family and additional opportunities to serve others.


I had Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. This disease progressively scars the lungs rendering the person unable to breathe. At present there is no known cause and no cure. Annually 40,000 die of this disease—the same number as die of breast cancer. I am so blessed to have received a transplant and no longer have the disease.


September 18-25, 2011 was National Pulmonary Awareness Week. The Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis provides education and promotes research on this disease. The Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Enhancement Act (H.R. 2505 and S. 1350) has been introduced in congress to increase funding for a national patient registry and for additional education and research on this deadly disease. If this bill would be enacted it would accelerate efforts in finding an effective treatment for pulmonary fibrosis.

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2 thoughts on “Seventh Anniversary of My Double Lung Transplant

  1. I am also very thankful for he last 7 years the Lord has given you Brother Gardner! You are an encouragement when it comes to lacking faith. In the midst of trial and hardship you have always been faithful to Christ and His healing power. I appreciate you and your wife very much!

  2. Well I now know I should re-read what I write before I submit. You are an encouragement and an example of faithfulness when lacking in faith myself. Sorry for the horrible wording in my previous comment, and for misspelling “the.” Good thing my sermon outlines are not published, I would be in big trouble then.