Commending and Defending Christian Faith Now Available

Commending and Defending Christian Faith:

An Introduction to Christian Apologetics

H. Lynn Gardner

Foreword by Gary R. Habermas

(Joplin, MO: College Press, 2010)


“. . . an excellent introduction to apologetics.”

Norman L. Geisler, Distinguished Professor of Apologetics, Veritas Evangelical Seminary (

“. . . specifically crafted for convenient use as a college textbook. . . . can be required along with a second text of Christian evidences to create a well-rounded approach to this subject.”

Gary R. Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor, and Chair Department of Philosophy and Theology, Liberty University

“His handling of the introductory and background issues . . . is thorough, sound, and much needed.”

Jack Cottrell, Professor of Theology, Cincinnati Christian University

“. . . contemporary and timeless introduction to the field that is both scholarly and devotional.”

David Peters, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Florida Christian College

“. . . strong defense of the concept of objective truth from God.”

Johnny Pressley, Dean of the Graduate Seminary, Cincinnati Christian University

. . . mandatory reading for preachers, youth ministers, campus ministers, youth workers of all sorts, and anyone else who seeks to direct others’ spiritual journeys.”

David Embree, Director, Christian Campus House, Instructor, Department of Religious Studies, Missouri State University

A “how-to-think-about-apologetics” book.

Introduces the basic terms and concepts, key thinkers, and fundamental apologetic issues and questions. States the what, why, and how of apologetics preparing persons for further study of reasons for faith and answers to objections. It does not present the case for Christianity or answer attacks but rather introduces one to the study of Christian apologetics.


Part One, Challenges to Christian Faith, helps the reader understand doubt and unbelief which make apologetics necessary.

Part Two, Foundations for Apologetics, discusses concepts essential to the defense of the truth of the Christian faith, including reason, knowledge, truth, and faith.

Part Three, The Practice of Apologetics, discusses reasons for apologetics, defense of the faith in the New Testament and in church history, methods of defense, practical uses of apologetics and guidelines for apologetics.


The audience would be Bible college, seminary, and university students as well as leaders and thinkers seeking to defend the faith. It seeks to instruct and motivate Christians to be prepared to present an intelligent and effective case for Christianity.

The book challenges Christians to be good thinkers in how they go about defending and commending Christian faith. It could serve as a first book for beginning a serious study of apologetics.


  • Be prepared to deal with doubt and unbelief.
  • Be acquainted with the role of thinking, knowing, truth, and faith in apologetics.
  • Know why we should defend the faith and how the faith can be defended.
  • Learn from defenders of the faith in the New Testament and in church history.
  • Gain practical suggestions and guidelines for giving a defense of your faith.

H. Lynn Gardner taught apologetics for forty years in Bible colleges, serving eighteen years as academic dean. A graduate of Ozark Christian College, California State University, Wheaton College, with a doctorate from the University of Arkansas. Included in his seven books are Where Is God When We Suffer? What the Bible Says about Suffering and Christianity Stands True: A Commonsense Look at the Evidence.

ISBN 978-0-89900-947-6: hardback, 501 pages.   Apologetics/Theology/General Bible

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3 thoughts on “Commending and Defending Christian Faith Now Available

  1. I’m about halfway through the book right now. I am teaching apologetics this semester and using your book. It’s a great textbook; I think my students will find it very helpful. Thanks for the lifetime of work that went into it.