College Press Announces a Forthcoming Book

Commending and Defending Christian Faith:  An Introduction to Christian Apologetics


H. Lynn Gardner

Scheduled for publication this fall.

Introduces the reader to basic terms, key thinkers, and fundamental apologetic issues. States the what, why, and how of apologetics preparing persons for further study of reasons for faith and answers to objections.

Provides the background for the study of Christian apologetics rather than presenting the actual case for Christianity. It is a “how to think about apologetics” book.

H. Lynn Gardner, taught apologetics and New Testament for forty years in Bible colleges, serving eighteen years as academic dean. He holds degrees from Ozark Christian College, California State University, Wheaton College, and University of Arkansas. Included in his six books are Where Is God When We Suffer: What the Bible Says About Suffering and Christianity Stands True: A Common Sense Look at the Evidence.

Through this book you will:

  • Become familiar with apologetics vocabulary, concepts, and key opponents and defenders of Christian faith.
  • Understand the issues, questions, and challenges facing defenders of the faith.
  • Distinguish between doubt and unbelief and understand the causes and consequences of unbelief.
  • Be acquainted with the role of thinking, knowing, truth, and faith in apologetics.
  • Learn why we should defend the faith.
  • Be instructed and inspired by seeing examples of defending the faith in the New Testament and in church history.
  • Be able to recognize and evaluate different apologetic methods or approaches.
  • Be motivated to be defenders of Christian faith by learning about defending the faith from examples, practical uses and opportunities, and guidelines.
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